Greengate Deli and Eatery

Greengate Deli and Eatery

The Greengate Deli and Eatery is my founding partner in the initiative. It’s where I’ll be @ over lunch, soaking up some of the ever fresh, every healthy and diverse buffet which will form the corner stone of my daily diet.

Stellenbosch is home to Greengate – as Greengate is home to many of the businessman, students and athletes frequenting Stellenbosch who search for something unusual and place a premium on health as the new wealth.

Come on down to the De Wet Square off Church Street and join me for a lunch. I might still be in smelly bike gear (I wont be the only one) but the food and cappuccinos  will more than captivate your senses.

Open Days: Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm; Sat 8am – 12 noon

Tel: 021 886 6111 Email address: Owner: Ingrid du Toit


De Wet Square, Church Street, Stellenbosch, 7600

greengate deli and eatery food greengate deli and eater food

“Greengate deli & eatery offers a delicious lunch buffet that is freshly made daily. Our wine shop opened recently so you can now enjoy a bottle with your meal or just buy a special bottle on your way home. We also have a list of dishes & cakes which you can order in advance.”

If you’re the health-conscious type and are fond of the greens in your food, you will love this cozy deli Greengate. The aptly named eatery is frequented by students and locals because of the additive-free fresh foods. Apart from eating at the joint one can purchase the organic products. Breads, marmalades, herbal chutneys, jams and loads of other mouth-watering goodies are not only filling but also guard the calorie intake. Healthy eating enough for sustenance seems the idea of this place which does not even serve coca-cola! – AOL Travel

Favourite products:
“Definitely our lunch buffet – it is a feast! Our carrot cake is legendary, moist & full of nuts. Frozen free range chicken pies made on the premises & delicious venison pies from Graaff-Reinet. We also stock lots of other delicious goodies to tempt you.”

greengate deli and eater food greengate deli and eatery food

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