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Race Report: W2W 2012


It was good three years ago, but tireless improvements have made this three day mountain bike ride an iconic route. Continued work by lads within the Cape Trails youth development programme shows. I enjoy all the peripheral detail of stage racing culture in South Africa, but ultimately it is a mountain bike ride and the quality of route is vital.

Race village

That said, the village and it’s amenities of warm showers, high pressure bike wash stands, and queue-less buffet points do then take the experience to the next echelon. Wine, rugby on big screens, bottomless Fair Cape treats…


Many thanks to Mr Wright for contributing to the foundation and offering Sivuyile as substitute to accompany me. Sivuyile spoke as much English as I do Xhosa, but am certain much was experienced and learnt. Thanks to Specialized South Africa for allowing Svig to ride one of their S-works Test the Best fleet.

Stillwater Sports

And finally, a big shout out to the Stillwater team. Mostly for supporting Songo.info with the handful of complimentary entries and allowing some stage time for the Foundation. But in all, for tolerating our last minute name change requests, A-bunch begging, and for producing an event that treats the soul from start to finish.

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