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Posted on by Dan Hugo

We’ve had an entertaining time, Brad and I. After relaxing at The Crimson resort in Cebu for a day, we travelled three flights of red-eye across to the Northern Marianas. Our first and longer stay is on Saipan, the smaller and calmer of the two major islands. We’re here two weeks before departing to Guam.

The island of Saipan

Saipan World Map

It’s well, near that arrow tip. So I’m told to believe. Not much to get orientated on here except very blue sea as far as the eye can see.

Our homestay is all you can wish for from hosts. They’ve travelled extensively and lived boldly, have excellent stories to tell and are happy to answer our endless stream of questions. Even had me playing my first card game in ages last night – Cards Against Humanity.

Saipan Tank Swim

Three times weekly the local triathlon community meet to do a Tank 2 Tank swim. Two Japanese tanks did not make it ashore during WW2. You literally swim from one to the other. Incredible how well they have kept. I dont mean to say we should salvage them, but they still look legit and all.

Renata Bucher, Brad Weiss, Saipan

Thought I’d document the young companion working his charm. Been a pleasure to travel together. He puts up with a lot of my complaining, and has been a source of humour and camaraderie.

Brad Weiss, Saipan

Game on. Saturday morning. I think all the climbing here on Saipan will suit the lad.

And by climbing I’m referencing the near 1000m elevation gain on the bike. Run is equally slow going but very unique and plenty rewarding from a race travel perspective. Routes to remember and talk about type thing.

Looking forward to getting it on, 630am, Saturday morning. Surely the most remote race I’ll ever do!

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